Harry Redknapp sparked stroke fears, with medics in dash to I’m A Celebrity camp

Harry Redknapp has revealed how medics were called to the I’m A Celebrity camp amid fears he was having a stroke.

The former football boss has told how his panicked campmate Nick Knowles called for help after one side of Harry’s face started to swell.

"An insect got into my lip, I didn’t even know… My face had swelled up on one side, but I wasn’t having a stroke, thankfully," he told The Sun of the frightening incident just after Anne Hegerty left.

It wasn’t the only other health crisis he suffered, with two bugs burying themselves in his eardrums.

His weight also plummeted, with the crowned King of the Jungle dropping a stone because he wouldn’t eat.

“It was three or four days in a row where a bit of rice in the bottom of a cup was all I ate," he admitted.

"I found the food difficult to eat, I’m not a fan of wallaby, kangaroo, crocodile, emu — it was all stuff that I’ve never eaten in my life.”

Since leaving the jungle, he’s been filling up on his wife Sandra’s beloved jam roly polys.

He’s such a fan that he sometimes eats the dessert for his breakfast.

His mate Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock told OK! magazine: "When I last saw him, before the jungle, he ate a sausage sandwich then a jam roly poly and custard before 11.30am!"

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