Gemma Collins battled PTSD after fears she’d lose her home while her dad ‘was dying’

Gemma Collins has opened up about a secret PTSD battle she faced after nearly losing her Essex home while her father was in hospital with Covid.

The former TOWIE star says that her bank account, which held all of her savings, was suddenly frozen and she was put through "hell" as she tried to access the money. All of which occurred just as she was about to close on her dream home.

During this time Gemma's father was hospitalised with Covid-19, and the Essex native has said that the whole experience has left her traumatised.

Taking to Instagram Live, Gemma has discussed this horrible experience with a friend, Andie, who had the same thing happen to her.

As reported by The Sun, Gemma explained: "This happened to me two years ago. The shock, the embarrassment, I couldn't sleep, I felt sick, I felt like I was dodgy, like ‘am I a criminal?’"

Discussing how she tried to get her account unfrozen she says she first tried calling the bank: "You know what, the guy at the end of the phone, I was so distressed, I was crying on the phone, I was saying, I’m going to lose my house, I’m going to lose my house.

"They are reading from a script, no emotion, telling you, ‘go into the branch.’ I couldn’t go and see my dad in the hospital. I went into the branch and the lady was very nice, I started crying in the bank… They didn’t care."

Gemma then talked about seeing that her friend is now going through the same thing, saying: "When I saw you (Andie) crying (on Instagram) it resonated with me so much because that was me two years ago.

"I felt broken, I felt helpless, I felt despair. And when I saw you I just thought I cannot believe this is still going on.

“I never mentioned it to anyone. I was supposed to go to the financial ombudsman, but my father was dying. I was buying a house, which should have been an amazing experience.

“I was traumatised, really I’ve suffered PTSD over that experience."

Gemma's dad tested positive for Covid shortly before Christmas in 2020, alongside his wife Joan.

At the time, Gemma spoke out on what had happened on her podcast as she said: "Both of my parents have had covid. My dad is still in hospital now. He’s literally been fighting for his life.

“It has been one awful time of it but I’m so happy to be back chatting with you all.”

Back in March, she revealed she has permanent scarring in his lungs following his Covid-19 battle.

"If anyone knows anything about permanent scaring from long Covid please get in touch as dad bless him has permanent scaring and was wondering if there is anything we can do to help his breathing," she wrote.


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