'Full House' guest stars on Bob Saget's 'light, laughter': 'I have a crush on Bob and always will'

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As tributes continue to pour in for Bob Saget following his sudden death, “Full House” guest stars who shared the screen with him in the late ‘80s and early ’90s are coming forward with their fond memories of the beloved actor-comedian.

Fox News Digital spoke to former actors Gail Edwards (“It’s a Living,” “Blossom”) and Erika Eleniak (“Baywatch”) about their experiences playing guest spots in “Full House.” Although their time spent on the sitcom‘s set were brief, both revealed Saget radiated an energy that was unmatched.

Edwards, 69, who has since retired and lives in Arizona, is known for portraying Vicky Larson, the girlfriend of Saget’s Danny Tanner. Edwards, like so many of his friends and family, said it’s been difficult to comprehend his passing.

“It’s unreal. It made me really want to stop, take a moment to reflect on the fabulous life I’ve had because we just never know if we’re going to wake up in the morning,” Edwards said.

Bob Saget and Gail Edwards during filming of the finale of "Fuller House."
(Photo courtesy of Gail Edwards)

Reflecting on her appearances on “Full House,” and in the “Fuller House” season finale 25 years later, Edwards recalled what it was like to share screen time she with the comedic giant.

“It was a lot of fun,” Edwards shared. “I got to be obviously more intimate being his love interest. That was very special.”

It’s Saget’s generosity and availability he showed to Edwards that sticks out in her mind. “He was incredibly generous and always available so when we did our scenes and he gave his all,” she shared.

Edwards recalled running into Saget over the years while out and about in Los Angeles, California with her husband. “We’d run into him at the Santa Monica mall and he’d be like ‘Hey Robert!’ He just was a great guy.”

It had been more than a couple decades when Edwards stepped on the “Fuller House” set in 2015 and reunited with Saget. “He was so sweet. I showed up and he was like, ‘Oh my god! It’s Gail Edwards everyone, Gail Edwards!” I go, ‘Bob! The camera people know who I am.’ He was just so sweet.”

Gail Edwards poses for a photo alongside co-stars Dave Coulier (left) and John Stamos (right) while filming the ‘Fuller House’ finale.
(Photo courtesy of Gail Edwards)

Edwards said Saget will always hold a special place in her heart. As his former onscreen love interest, she declared, “I have my own crush on Bob Saget and always will!”

She also gave an inside look at what it was like to know Saget off-camera. Although the two stars did not speak right up until his death, she recalled exchanging text messages with him about the Emmy Awards after wrapping the finale of “Fuller House.”

“We would text a little bit because we both voted for the Emmys, and he was up for something and he didn’t get it. I texted saying, ‘Oh, poo I voted for you. I know how it goes.’ There wasn’t much more to say. We let it drop at that point.”

Erika Eleniak guest appeared on "Full House" as Jesse Katsopolis’ (John Stamos) former girlfriend.
(Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, former “Baywatch” star and Playboy Playmate Erika Eleniak, who portrayed Carrie Fowler, the high school girlfriend of John Stamos’ Jesse Katsopolis in the “One Last Kiss” episode in 1990, said Saget’s positive energy “got to the room before he did.”

“When he walked into the room his energy was palpable. So good. Just light, happy, sarcastic, and funny,” Eleniak shared.

She added: “Most of my time was with John [Stamos] but when Bob was around I just was always laughing. Everything was laughter and a joke. Just so lighthearted. There was a light that literally surrounded him when he’s in the room. You just felt really good being around him.”

Minutes before speaking with Fox News Digital, Eleniak – who describes herself as a “super spiritual believer” – said she was particularly struck by Stamos’ recent Instagram post about his grief, in which he admitted he’s “not ready to say goodbye” to Saget yet. Eleniak said she reached out to Stamos over Instagram to share some advice she’s learned about grief and healing after losing her mother last February.

“Reading John’s latest post, it’s so palpable the pain that he’s feeling and I so get it. What I was writing to him was, you know, you don’t ever have to say goodbye. Eventually when he gets there, hopefully he will, he’ll tune in and when he tunes in he’ll hear Bob. Bob’s never going to leave him,” Eleniak, who is currently working on the relaunch of her podcast “Spiritual Alchemy with Erika Eleniak,” added.

Pictured, from left: Dave Coulier (Joey), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Candace Cameron (D.J.), Bob Saget (Danny), Ashley Olsen (Michelle), John Stamos (Jesse) of "Full House." 
(ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

Eleniak concluded that there’s one more thing that captivated her about Saget: his ability to be known as both “America’s Dad” and a “raunchy” comedian.

“Bob couldn’t have been more a symbol for the most wholesome dad in the world. And then throw America’s Funniest Home videos in there. It went on and on: his wholesomeness, good sweet, kind, light humor. But to be able to do the raunchiest stuff and have it not only accepted but applauded and welcomed, he could transcend like both worlds and be top of his game at both.”

Saget died while on a stand-up tour in Florida. He was 65.

Deputies in Orange County, Florida, were called Sunday about an “unresponsive man” in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando and found Saget dead, according to a sheriff’s statement on Twitter. Detectives found “no signs of foul play or drug use in this case.”

Following Saget’s death, his wife, Kelly Rizzo, issued a statement to Fox News. 

“My whole heart. Bob was my absolute everything,” she said. “I am so completely shattered and in disbelief. I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and tribute from our friends, family, his fans and his peers.” 

 Bob Saget and his wife, Kelly Rizzo in 2018.

“When the time is right and when this news is not as raw, I look forward to sharing more of Bob with the world. Sharing how much he meant to me, all of those around him, and how much all of his fans and friends meant to him as well,” the statement continued. “Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time.”  

His “Full House” co-stars also released a joint statement. “Thirty-five years ago, we came together as a TV family, but we became a real family. And now we grieve as a family,” Saget’s co-star and life friend, John Stamos, wrote in an emotional Instagram tribute to the comedian and actor on Monday.

“Bob made us laugh until we cried. Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, cherished Bob,” Stamos continued. “He was a brother to us guys, a father to us girls and a friend to all of us. Bob, we love you dearly. We ask in Bob’s honor, hug the people you love. No one gave better hugs than Bob.”

The Uncle Jesse performer signed the scribe with the names of his fellow co-stars, “John, Dave, Candace, Jodie, Lori, Andrea, Scott, Jeff, Ashley and Mary-Kate.”

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