Frankie Jonas Says He Considered Suicide Before Getting Sober

Frankie Jonas, the youngest brother to Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, is opening up about a time when he contemplated suicide before getting sober. Jonas shared his thoughts in a TikTok video on Monday.

“This is by no means the eloquent explanation I hope to one day give on a much more serious mode than this. However, from a very young age, I struggled with drinking and drugging as an escape because I hated life and I didn’t wanna be here,” the 20-year-old admitted.

“I eventually, after many years of trying to kill myself accidentally, came to a point where I was gonna do it for real, and something intervened,” he added.

The college student went on to say that treatment saved his life and got him to where he is today.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that I’m alive today because my world has changed so beautifully and so astronomically, and I’m not that person anymore. I couldn’t be more grateful that I’m alive and happy today,” he said on TikTok.

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