Frank Iero And The Future Violents Drop New Single ‘Sewerwolf’

Frank Iero and The Future Violents dropped a new single “Sewerwolf,” the second track from their upcoming EP Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place.

Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place, which serves as a companion piece to 2019’s critically acclaimed full length album, Barriers, is due out January 15, 2021 via UNFD.

“Originally the song was untitled, it was fun to play and I liked it but I couldn’t find a good name for it,” Frank Iero told Consequence Of Sound. “So I asked Miles what he would name it. At that time he had come up with a superhero character he named Super Wolf so he said, ‘You should name it that.'”

“A few days later he came into my basement studio and I had songs scribbled out all over this giant whiteboard and he asked, ‘Hey dad, what’s a Sewerwolf?'” the My Chemical Romance guitarist added. “The name was so filthy and enigmatic that I knew it was fate naming the song.”

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