Every WandaVision<\/em> Theme Song, Ranked

The following story contains spoilers for WandaVision.

Finally fleshing out the character of Wanda Maximoff, and putting an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe property behind Elizabeth Olsen was a wise choice. Giving Paul Bettany the chance to give by far his most charismatic portrayal of Vision yet was a wise choice. Everything about casting Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings and Randall Park in their exact roles was a wise choice. But perhaps the wisest choice made by the powers behind WandaVision was hiring acclaimed composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez to write the theme songs that defined the show’s sitcom aspect, maintained WandaVision‘s entire hook, and still probably stay stuck in your head for weeks at a time.

The duo had previously worked together creating songs for Frozen (including, yes, “Let It Go”) and Coco, and Robert (an elusive EGOT winner) co-wrote musicals like The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. Which is to say: this is a pair of people who know how to write a jingle. And what’s more important to a sitcom (and it’s soundtrack) than a catchy theme song?

As we get closer and closer to the finish line of this first MCU Disney+ experiment, it’s fun to reflect back on the songs we’ve gotten so far. Some have been more earworm-y than others, but all have been absolutely perfect for the era, and type of show (specific or not specific) they’re intended to portray.

Here’s how all of these great theme songs stack up in our eyes (for now, at least).

7. “A Newlywed Couple”

Look, something’s got to be last. “A Newlywed Couple” is both perfect—it sounds exactly like a theme song you’d hear before finding a classic sitcom on TV in syndication—and wildly disorienting, as it was the first thing we saw in WandaVision, of course entirely in black and white. It’s not the catchiest of the theme songs, but it certainly managed to set the tone for the show and establish the ethos from the very first moment. It was clear from the get go that we were watching “a sitcom,” even though the best was still very much to come.

6. “Making It Up As We Go Along”

This Family Ties-esque theme song had one of the most elaborate opening sequences, and a very dramatic theme to go along with it. Just as with the rest of the songs on this list, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez nailed it. Still, not the most memorable of the themes songs even if it did so very accurately feel like a sitcom of the genre.

5. “W-V 2000”

The majority of WandaVision‘s 7th episode was modeled after Modern Family, but this theme song was absolutely modeled after that of The Office. From the keys to the synth to the repeated signs that read “WANDA,” the Scranton vibes jumped. And most importantly for the purpose of this story? It’s a short, sweet, and fairly catchy song. Almost derivative of the actual The Office theme, but with that familiar four-note WandaVision motif (we’ll touch on that again) to remind us where we are and what we’re watching.

4. “We’ve Got Something Cooking”

WandaVision Episode 3 did a great job tapping into the 1970s Brady Bunch vibe, and the bright colors and upper tone of this theme song was a perfect match. The best parts here? Well, the song shifts keys a few times, the refrain is catchy, and it touches, of course, on that familiar motif. Let’s talk more about that one next.

3. “WandaVision!”

Be serious: 🎵Wan daVision Wan Wan daVision 🎵 was stuck in your head for approximately 17 hours in the week after you saw WandaVision Episode 2, which was based on the classic sitcom/magic hybrid Bewitched. But the opening theme to the episode, which sounds like a mix of elevator music and the absolutely perfect ’60s sitcom theme established that four note motif—Wan daVision Wan Wan daVison—which sticks, big or small, through all of these incredible theme music compositions.

2. “Let’s Keep It Going” (With Kathleen Hanna)

Look, I’m a sucker for ’90s alternative rock, so when I get a theme sung by a legendary alternative rocker (in Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna) based on an absolutely legendary alternative rock sitcom theme song (“Boss of Me” by They Might Be Giants for Malcolm In The Middle), well, it’s going to rank highly. This song was composed as a spoof theme song for a show about magical superheroes stuck in fake sitcoms, but it could legitimately work as a ’90s headbanger. If Bikini Kill ever tours again, maybe we can get Ms. Hanna to work this into the set.

1.”Agatha All Along” (With Kathryn Hahn)

Come on—this was obviously going to be #1. If you somehow managed to get Kathryn Hahn’s showstopping twist of a theme song (even though we did see it coming from a mile away) out of your head by now, well, sorry, because it’s right back here. Based on the lyricless theme song from The Munsters (which Fall Out Boy did sample for a hit of their own in 2015’s “Uma Thurman”), the song not only meets the most important rule of TV theme songs (being extremely catchy) but also comes as part of a scene that no WandaVision viewer will ever forget.

We don’t know how exactly the show is going to turn out just yet, but we feel pretty damn sure that Kathryn Hahn singing us through Agatha’s behind-the-scenes hijinx—and hamming it up on screen all the way through—won’t be topped any time soon. Poor Sparky.

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