Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Story Behind Portia de Rossi’s Emergency Appendectomy (Video)

Portia de Rossi was rushed to the hospital over the weekend for an emergency appendectomy and her wife Ellen DeGeneres is now opening up about what happened.

The 63-year-old talk show host talked about the scary moment during the monologue for her show, which will air on Tuesday (March 23).

“It started on Friday in the evening around 7:30… I’m sitting there watching TV with Portia and Portia said, ‘I’m not feeling well. I want to go to bed.’ And it was like 8 o’clock and that’s early. I’m not used to going to bed that early. We go to bed around 8:30,” she jokingly said.

Ellen said she then took sleep vitamins to help her go to sleep early alongside Portia. Soon after taking the vitamins and starting to fall asleep, she heard something.

“I look over and Portia is not in bed next to me… I get out of bed and I find Portia on the floor on all fours. And I’m like, ‘Baby are you okay?’ And she says, ‘Yeah, I’m okay.’ And I said, ‘Well you’re okay if you’re playing Twister by yourself, but you’re not okay,’” Ellen said.

Ellen then decided to drive Portia to the E.R. and said she was in lots of pain in the car. After doing some scans, it was decided that Portia had to be admitted to the hospital and Ellen wasn’t allowed to stay because of COVID-19.

“They said we have to admit her to the hospital and they won’t let me stay because of COVID and so that’s upsetting to me. They sent me home and I’m crying,” Ellen said. She then jokingly added, “Because someone was chopping onions at the nurse’s station.”

Ellen says that Portia was in so much pain after the surgery that she bargained with the nurse for more pain meds by offering tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which did not work.

“I am happy to report Portia is feeling much better now. She’s home. She came home late yesterday. Not all of her, she left her appendix at the hospital,” Ellen said. She then joked she was going to auction off the appendix.

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