Elle Macpherson, 54, Recreates Her Iconic ‘Elle’ Cover With Zinc Face Stripes & She Hasn’t Aged A Day

Whatever her secret is, we want to know because, as we can tell by these magazine covers, Elle Macpherson has barely aged in more than three decades!

They call her “The Body,” but maybe we should start calling Elle Macpherson “The Face,” because hers hasn’t changed in more than 30 years! On Dec. 7, the 54-year-old presented her fans with proof by sharing photos of her face on two Elle magazine covers on Instagram. One cover was for an upcoming 2019 issue of the Russian edition. The other was for an Elle issue from 1986. Same model with yellow zinc sunscreen swiped on her face in both pics. But one photo was taken when Ronald Reagan was POTUS and The A-Team was a TV hit, and the other one hits newsstands now that Donald Trump is in the White House and This Is Us is everyone’s obsession.

But how does she do it? What’s Elle’s secret to still looking so young after all these years? Elle shared some tips with Get The Gloss in August 2018. One of the things she recommends is something that everyone can do, even if you’re not a supermodel. “I’m not a big facial person but I do love a massage,” she said. “I’ve learned that beauty is not skin deep but comes from within, so to keep my complexion looking youthful and blemish-free I nourish it first with nutrition, sleep, lots of water, and exercise.”

For Elle that involves a plant-based alkalizing diet that includes taking her WelleCo Super Elixir Greens powder. She takes two teaspoons a day and swears that that – and adopting a mostly plant-based eating plan – has had “a profound effect” on her skin’s “texture and appearance.” She added, “I believe beauty starts inside so there is no point looking good if you don’t feel great. Beauty really does radiate from the inside out.”

So, there you have it, apparently you too can look ageless if you eat well, sleep, exercise daily, and drink lots of water!

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