Donald Trump Facebook Ban Upheld

Donald Trump‘s Facebook ban has been upheld, but it may not be forever.

The Facebook oversight board has said the former Prez is persona non grata on its platform. Now here’s the caveat … the board decided Facebook — i.e., Mark Zuckerberg — can lift the suspension 6 months from the date of suspension.

Trump was banned from Facebook January 7 … the day after the Capitol insurrection. Facebook determined Trump’s incendiary comments contributed to the riot.  Zuckerberg posted that there was too great a risk to America if Trump stayed on the platform.

That means Trump could hop back on the Platform July 7.

The oversight board was appointed with members who are not affiliated with Facebook, including the former Prime Minister of Denmark. But, come July 7, the ball will be in Zuckerberg’s court and he can make the decision to reinstate Trump.

Trump has been relatively silent since he left office, largely because he’s been banned from numerous platforms.

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