Donald Trump Cancelled His Election Night Party Sparking Theories About the Reason Why

Donald Trump was supposed to spend election night (November 3) at the Trump International Hotel at a big party. However, the event has been cancelled, according to the New York Times.

There are a few theories as to why Trump may be cancelling the big event and many think it could be because poll results show him trailing, TMZ points out.

However, there are other reasons many are speculating that could account for the cancellation. First, Coronavirus guidelines say that only 30 people are allowed at parties and thus, the President has decided to watch the results from the White House instead.

Another theory is that many believe that we won’t actually know who won the election between Joe Biden and Trump on Tuesday night because this might be a very contested event.

Meanwhile, Trump likely won’t be happy when he sees what this museum did to him today.

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