Dixie D’Amelio & Noah Beck Hold Hands After Celebrating ‘The D’Amelio Show’

Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck head out after a celebratory dinner at BOA Steakhouse on Wednesday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The cute couple held hands as they left the restaurant after celebrating the upcoming premiere of the 19-year-old family’s new reality series The D’Amelio Show.

Charli was also seen out for the meal, along with the parents Marc and Heidi, and of course, Chase Hudson.

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The D’Amelio Show is finally premiering on Friday (September 3) on Hulu. Check out the trailer here!

Just last week, the D’Amelios were in New York City to promote their new show.

“I feel like in the beginning and even now, people have tried to tell us who we are and tried to tell the story for us. I feel like it was our turn to share what it’s really like to be in this new age of social media, and how accessible it is, and how easy it is to get into this trap of pretending to be who you’re not, or struggling with so many things,” Charli recently told Nylon.

“I feel like it’s so important for us to share our sides of things and be honest. And no one else has really let us do that. And I feel like this is such a great thing, not only for us, but for everyone else, because they get to see it too,” she added.

If you missed it, Noah recently shared some really exciting news…

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