Diana Ross, And Her 9 Year Old Grandson, Stole The Show At The Grammys

Diana Ross has been a musical icon for decades and last night she chose to turn the Grammy’s into The Diana Ross Show where the awards ceremony was just something to do once she left the stage. But first, before we were treated to Diana’s mountain of talent (and hair) she was introduced by her 9-year-old grandson Raif-Henok Kendrick, the son of Diana’s eldest love child Rhonda Ross and grandson of music mogul Berry Gordy. And let’s just say you can tell he could have taken all of the shine had Diana not been backstage watching him like “Make it quick sonny, MomMom got a show to do!

Raif-Henok gave an introduction I’m certain he stayed up all night to write by himself. Just kidding, you know Rhonda and Tracee Ellis Ross wrote this shit for him then gave him the stage mom “You better not fuck it up” glare of death from the audience. The Huffington Post reports that Raif-Henok’s speech reminded the world that Diana has been throwing bows at bitches for years to make it to the top and that her success means anyone can achieve anything. And the one thing Diana achieved last night was tricking everyone into believing it was her birthday, which actually isn’t until March 26. However, when you’re Diana Ross if you decided you wanted your new birthday to be celebrated on December 25th even Jesus would step back and say, “You got it boo, I’m not even gonna argue.” Check out the entire performance, including Raif-Henok’s introduction below.

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