Demi Rose Flaunts Hourglass Figure In Sexy New Photo

Demi Rose is flaunting her famous curves on social media yet again. The Instagram fan favorite took to her account on Sunday morning to share a racy new photo with her followers, who absolutely loved the sexy snapshot.

On Sunday, Dec. 9, Demi Rose posted a photo of herself wearing a skin tight tan dress for all of her fans to enjoy. In the picture, the Instagram model is seen baring her backside to the camera as all of her curves were on full dispaly.

Demi looks over her shoulder for the sexy selfie, and wears her long, brown hair parted down the middle and styled in loose curls. She also wears a light polish on her fingernails and rocks a gold ring on her middle finger.

In the background Rose’s dog, named Teddy Martinez, is seen sleeping on her bed. The pup has his own Instagram account as well, which Demi tagged in the photograph. The social media sensation also tagged clothing brand Miss Guided, seemingly to let her followers know where she got her form fitting dress.

“Stunning lady,” one fan commented on the photo. “Always gorgeous,” another stated. “I love the twists and curves,” a third social media user said.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Demi Rose loves to share racy photos of herself via social media, and has nearly 8 million followers on Instagram. The model has also dated Kylie Jenner’s former boyfriend, rapper Tyga, in the past.

Although Demi is from Wolverhampton, she has revealed that she may decide to move to L.A. in the near future. Rose says that she has dreams of being a Hollywood actress, and that her ultimate goal would be to appear as a Bond girl.

“Movies have always been a passion of mine since I went to stage school. But another ambition is to become a Bond Girl, as I love the style and glamour of those films,” Rose said during a recent interview.

In addition, the model also revealed how she keeps her famous figure looking so flawless.

“My figure just gains weight so fast. Any bad thing I eat my body isn’t used to it and just puts on the weight. That means no birthday cake! All I’ve eaten today is nuts. I’ve managed to eat a whole pot. I feel guilty as there’s a lot of fat in the nuts. That’s my treat! So I’m happy,” Demi Rose stated.

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