Demi Lovato’s Sister Tells Singer’s Body-Shamers to ‘Go F**k Yourself’ in Epic Clap Back

Even if Demi Lovato has no time to defend herself against body-shamers, she already has her family on her back. For instance, her sister Dallas Lovato just hit back at media and internet trolls who criticized the singer’s body and weight after she posted a picture of her finishing up her jiu jitsu practice.

Speaking out about the issue during an Instagram Live, the “Caged No More” star said, “Ya know what? Here’s another thing I’m just saying to all the f***ing tabloids out there right now calling my sister fat, go f**k yourself because she’s the most beautiful, strong, amazing person that I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

Not stopping there, Dallas continued, “And everyone why are you making my sister’s body the topic of your conversation, go f**k yourself. I’m sorry my sister is beautiful, she’s alive and she’s conquering a lot of really hard s**t… I’m just saying, so bye.”

Demi, who recently completed her rehab stint after drug overdose, has been the subject of body-shaming for sometime now after she revealed back in January that she gave up dieting. However, she wouldn’t let them bring her down as she said so in a previous interview with PEOPLE. Rather, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer chose to focus sharing her anti-dieting plan to her fans and social media followers.

“It was important to me to share that with my followers because there are so many people in the world who feel pressured by society and diet culture, and I feel like someone has to speak out and say that you don’t have to force yourself to lose weight, or to look a certain way,” she said. “The reaction has been great. There are some people who body shame me, and sometimes it’s difficult, but I say to myself, am I happy? And that’s the most important thing. And I want my fans to be happy too.”

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