David Eason Cuts Himself On Instagram As Red Flags Fly For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Alum

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star David Eason has spiraled out of control with his latest Instagram post offering up evidence.

Since appearing on Teen Mom 2, David Eason has continued to make headlines and his recent antics have people worried about Jenelle Evans once again. David Eason’s sister posted a few comments about her brother after his recent Instagram post seemed to show Eason embarking on risky behavior.

On the heels of the Secret Service paying a visit to Eason’s home, Jenelle Evan’s husband posted some threatening gun videos, seemingly in retaliation. Eason said he was questioned about his gun-related social media posts that centered around President Trump.

Then he posted on Instagram what looked like a threat. He said if anyone comes back without a warrant in hand, he’s not afraid to shoot them. Eason said he posted a picture of bump stocks which he hashtagged Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, and the Secret Service took that as a threat.

On the heels of that visit and threatening posts, Eason took to Instagram with a knife. He put his hand on the table and made a video of himself jarring the knife into the table between his fingers in a game that goes by different names, but has been called five finger fillet.

This action got quicker and quicker — until he missed. Reports indicate that Eason’s last stab into the table ended up cutting his hand. This is just one of many dangerous behaviors that Eason has taken part of in recent months.

Red flags have flown around Eason for a very long time. Jenelle’s family and ex were very concerned about Eason around Jenelle’s children. As The Hollywood Gossip suggests, Eason is “aggressive, he’s mean to her kids, there have been claims that he’s abusive to Kaiser… none of it is great.”

Now it looks like he’s into some self-harming behavior with his recent knife game, which he filmed and posted on Instagram. David’s sister, Jessica, is deeply concerned about her brother. She blames Jenelle for putting him in his state of mind.

David is “feeding off all the attention” he’s grabbed since Teen Mom 2 came into his life. David’s sister also said, ” We don’t know this new guy…” she said of the person David has become, “poisonous poonanny has entered into his bloodstream.”

She also said that her brother David “needs to stop being an idiot.” His sister feels that David’s not only lost his heart, but his mind as well. She “feels sorry ” for her brother. As far as Jenelle goes, Jessica doesn’t think too well of her sister-in-law. She said this about the Teen Mom star.

“She’s the most horrible creature I’ve ever met. She has disrespected everyone she’s ever met in our family. I do believe she has brought out the worst in David, and I think he hates himself.”

Jessica said her parents talk to David once in a while, but the entire family is appalled by his behavior. No one in the family likes Jenelle, she adds. When people stated their worries about Jenelle’s well being around David, Jessica had an answer for them.

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They will say I’ve gone off the deep end just wait for it! #bangbangbang #bumpfire #bumpthis #nancypelosi #trump #maga

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She said Jenelle “loves this garbage as much as he does.” She also insisted that “he isn’t going to hurt their kids or Jenelle. All of this attention is making him come up with more ideas to show off his stupidity.”

There you have it, right from a family member’s mouth. David Eason is acting out of stupidity and the attention he gets fuels even more dangerous behavior. As far as Jenelle goes, she eats this stuff up too, just like her husband, according to David’s sister.

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