Daphne Zuniga eats popcorn or ice cream for dinner when she’s alone, same

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Some days, like particularly this week as we’re hearing more about Epstein’s connections to Prince Andrew, I feel bad that Kaiser does all the heavy lifting. She doesn’t mind it and she’s particularly good at it, I just know that it’s a lot of work. So here I am covering a fluff story about Daphne Zuniga, just so I can talk about diets. You probably know me by now, I love superficial sh-t like hair, makeup, shopping, workouts and dieting. Daphne Zuniga, 56, is best known for her work in The Sure Thing (1985) with John Cusack and for Melrose Place and One Tree Hill. She’s starring in The Lifetime series Gates of Paradise, which she also directed, and she just got married this summer for the first time. Daphne did a “25 Things You Don’t Know About” interview with US Magazine, and her first answer was something that I do all the time. She said she skips dinner and will just eat ice cream, popcorn or cereal instead, but only when her new husband isn’t with her.

1. I eat popcorn, cereal or vegan ice cream for dinner when my husband, David Mleczko, who I married in June, is away.

6. I love using Instagram at this point, but I’m so thankful it didn’t exist when I was beginning my acting career! Too much pressure!

7. I’ve gone on several nine-day silent-meditation retreats.

8. I attended 10 different schools between first and 12th grades.

9. I lived on a houseboat with my mom and sister for a year.

10. I went to a lot of antiwar and free speech marches when I was little. I thought they were picnics the whole city was going to.

11. I love children but never wanted [to have] them. I used to tutor kids, and I did children’s theater.

21. I think cooking is stressful. I don’t have the patience for reading a recipe or waiting for food to simmer.

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Answer #21 explains a lot. I don’t mind cooking, but it’s a lot of work. I’m trying to make more homecooked meals, but I have a teenager so I don’t have the added pressure like I would around a partner. Sometimes we both eat junk like this for dinner. I reason that it’s better than eating a whole dinner plus ice cream and popcorn. (It doesn’t have to be either/or.) I also do this for lunch and just yesterday had barbeque chips instead of a real meal. Eating more like an adult is a priority for me, I swear, but this is a way to save calories while being able to eat dessert and snacks. As long as you’re not doing it every night and your other meals are balanced, I don’t think it’s that bad. At least ten people are going to yell at me now.

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