Daniel Radcliffe Reluctant to Join Twitter in Fear of Taking Things Personally

AceShowbizDaniel Radcliffe is refusing to launch a social media account because he’s convinced he’ll upset too many people if he speaks his mind.

The “Harry Potter” star insists fans will never find him on Twitter or Instagram because he lacks the “mental fortitude” to cope with the Internet interest in what he has to say.

“I would get into fights on Twitter,” he tells Access Live. “I would take things way too personally. It would occupy way too much of my time… I’m an obsessive person and it would just become another obsession, and I don’t think I’d be good at it.”

The Brit is happy watching his girlfriend interact with her followers.

“I have the perfect relationship with social media now, which is that my girlfriend is on it and so I can look over her shoulder and go, ‘Oh, that guy is funny’… but not actually get deeply involved.”

Talking of the movie star’s obsessions, he’s hooked on American dating show “The Bachelor” and even takes part in a fantasy league with friends when the programme airs.

He adds, “Somebody got me into it a few years ago… I used to be one of those guys who would say, ‘Oh, my girlfriend watches it and she makes me watch it’, and now I’m just like, ‘I can’t say that anymore. I’m choosing week after week to watch this and I’m very into it’.”

Explaining the rules, Dan says, “You get points for like if your person (contestant) gets kissed or gets picked on a one-on-one date… It was very very good fun.”

But his reluctance to join Twitter has hampered his new bromance with current Bachelor Colton Underwood: “I said something about it (in an interview) he then responded on Twitter but the only way I can then respond to his tweet is to continuing to talk about it on TV shows… We have a weird TV relationship.”

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