‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Complain About The Fake Sound Effects During Premiere Night

Dancing With The Stars just kicked off its’ 29th season and Twitter is erupting with reactions about the new format of the popular reality competition series.

While fans are torn on whether they love or hate it, there is one thing that they agree on – the sound effects. are awful.

Many of them noticed that the show is using sound effects to emulate the sound of an actual full audience, which they are without during this time because of the pandemic.

There are boos, and applause, and many fans are pointing out that the background sounds are so loud that they can’t hear anyone talk after each performance.

“Dancing with the Stars….– Opening number with the pros was phenomenal — I already miss Tom & Erin. — The faux clapping & cheering is so annoying! #DWTS,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Why is the auto sound so loud. We can’t hear anyone talking #DWTS”

“#DWTS I can’t with the boos lol,” one more said about the effects.

Check out even more reactions to the sound effects below:

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