Comedians Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Gould Injured in Car Crash

Comedians Bobcat Goldthwait and Dana Gould suffered minor injuries after a car crash that forced them to cancel a show in Atlanta Thursday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The incident took place outside the Relapse Comedy Theatre where the pair were set to perform. According to reports, Gould and Goldthwait’s driver didn’t yield while making a left turn and hit another car. The driver received a citation for traffic violations and driving on a suspended license.

While Gould and Goldthwait were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, the driver of the other car reportedly complained about leg pain but did not seek medical treatment. An employee at Relapse confirmed the car crash and said tickets for the show were refunded.

Gould and Goldthwait were supposed to continue their “Show With Two Heads” tour tonight, August 16th, in Athens Georgia, but a statement on the venue’s website confirmed that the show was canceled and that tickets would be refunded. It’s unclear if their August 17th gig in Asheville, North Carolina will also be canceled. Gould and Goldthwait launched the “Show With Two Heads” tour earlier this year, and they reportedly planned to tape the shows in Atlanta and Asheville for a potential special.

 Gould and Goldthwait are comedy stalwarts. The former has worked steadily as a stand-up and actor for years, while he also notably spent seven years writing for The Simpsons. Goldthwait, meanwhile, is a prolific actor and stand-up — perhaps best known for his distinctly malleable voices — though in recent years he’s transitioned to filmmaking, directing movies like World’s Greatest Dad and the documentary Call Me Lucky about the late comedian and activist Barry Crimmins.

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