College bribery scandal. Celebrity Parents Face Trial

Some events loosen our faith in fundamentals like Education. Read to know how many celebrities were involved in the bribery scandal!

College Bribery Scandal. Celebrity Parents Face Trial

The bribery scandal that has rocked US colleges for the past year has been in the news recently. Not only is the scandal the biggest of its type ever, but also the case stands out because around 50 people were indicted. This list of indicted persons included more than 30 parents. Among the parents, there were celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. It should be noted that the two are known for their roles in TV shows like Full House and Desperate Housewives. News like this really matters to college students, and if you are particularly pressed for time, you can always read a grade on fire review and hire the service.

The list of indicted persons in the case also includes many Ivy League college test administrators and coaches. The rank of the universities involved includes the ones like Yale, Stanford, and several others. The case has earned for itself the nickname Operation Varsity Blues.

Here is the most essential information that you must know about Varsity Blues:

How It Happened

On March12th of the previous year came an announcement from US attorney Andrew E. Telling that they were pressing felony charges against 50 people. The list of people included coaches, parents, and even test-preparation executives. The massive federal indictment spanned across several jurisdictions.

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The allegation leveled against the accused is that they helped underperforming students gain admission to some of the most prestigious colleges in the US. This was achieved by paying bribes from thousands to several millions of dollars. The events took place from 2011 to 2019.

The Exact Allegations

When the indictment that was first made public on March 12th last year, it was revealed that the case consisted of two separate and distinct parts. At first, a person called William Rick Singer received a huge amount of money from parents. Singer was by profession, an admission consultant. He operated a non-profit college prep firm named the Key. This company was located at Newport Beach of California. Upon receiving the money, Singer proceeded to bribe college coaches. These college coaches then included the students in the athletic and sports programs of the school. This was done even if the athletic capabilities of the students were very average. In fact, as per accusations, Singer received 25 USD million, which was channeled under the label of charity.

Then, Singer would bribe test-preparation moderators so that they rectify and correct the answers of students in entrance exams like SAT and ACT.
The extent of the duplicity extended to transform the images of students into that of real athletes besides fake excellent athletic profiles.

Defendant Stance

Are you feeling too short of time for the rest of the news piece? Help yourself to get some time by reading reviews and hiring the service. Now, you can spare the time to know that Huffman later pleaded guilty to the charges brought against her. On the 13th of May last year, she admitted to paying $15000 for correcting her daughter’s SAT answers.

More than ten people, indicted in the case, have pleaded guilty while some pleaded not guilty. Huffman was let off after two weeks of prison. Former top investment firm head Douglas Hodge was sentenced to 2 years in prison in addition to a fine of USD 750,000 and 500 hours of community service. The main accused Singer was not sentenced.