Chris Harrison: The End of Peter’s Season Will Crush Your Heart

We saw some feuding explode on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, and if you’v followed The Bachelor Spoilers, you know that’s not the end of it.

Now, Chris Harrison is teasing that Peter’s season ends in an unprecedented and “gut-wrenching” way.

Just days ago, Chris Harrison told Us Weekly what viewers can expect in Peter’s doozy of a season.

“It’s a very dramatic start, as they say, but it always is!” he acknowledged of Season 24.

“You look at Colton Underwood‘s season and that was crazy for how it went down,” Chris pointed out.

He added: “Hannah Brown‘s season was crazy, in a totally different way.”

“Now Peter Weber‘s season is unpredictable and riveting in another way,” Chris teased.

He revealed: “And we don’t see it coming.”

“It’s something that the producers didn’t know about,” Chris admitted, referring to this season’s big, unknown twist.

He emphasized: “It’s something Peter and I didn’t know about.”

“Inevitably, something happens we’ve never dealt with before,” Chris shared about late in Peter’s season.

He shared how painful and emotionally jarring the twist will be, describing it: “It’s gut-wrenching.”

Some fans have guessed that it has to do with what we now know about Victoria Fuller and her controversial past.

However, what we’ve seen on the big teaser for this season suggests that it may be something very different.

In more visual teasers, we have seen Chris approach Peter just as he is about, it seems, to hand out his final rose and possibly even propose.

“There’s something I just found out,” Chris is seen telling him, though we of course do not hear his next words.

Whatever they are, we then see Peter laying down while surrounded by the crew.

That sounds dramatic and emotionally excruciating.

“It’s just like the last thing I needed to hear,” Peter confesses in the teaser.

In the mean time, we also see his mother crying.

She tells Peter “Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us.”

We don’t know which woman Mother Weber wants so dearly to be her daughter-in-law, but it’s clear that she has strong feelings on the subject.

One of the things that makes Season 24 so distinct from other recent seasons is that not even Reality Steve himself knows the whole of how it ends.

Oh, there have been “false positives” before, quickly corrected.

Many suspect that ABC has arranged for misinformation to be “leaked” to discredit leakers.

But in this case, despite all that we know about the end, we don’t know the answer to the ultimate question — is Peter engaged right now?

But even Chris Harrison himself acknowledges that the truth could leak sooner or later.

“I don’t know if anybody can say that [it won’t be spoiled],” he admitted.

“I don’t know how you say that,” Chris acknowledged.

“In this day and age, stuff gets out,” he noted. “Who knows what will happen.”

The one thing that we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty is that Peter and Hannah Brown do not appear to be endgame.

Hannah is getting an extraordinary amount of hate, mostly from people who decided to dislike her because she (gasp) had sex with her boyfriend.

But the real reason that she’s back is because ABC and producers wanted her back.

She and Peter have to put themselves through some very uncomfortable emotions on screen, because the show thrives on drama.

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