Chris Beard's Fiancée Says He Didn't Strangle Her, Apologizes For Accusations

Chris Beard Randi Trew

Chris Beard‘s fiancée, Randi Trew, says the Texas Longhorns men’s basketball head coach did not strangle her … walking back the initial comments she made to law enforcement nearly two weeks ago that led to Chris’ arrest.

Trew released a statement on Friday … saying, “Chris and I are deeply saddened that we have brought negative attention upon our family, friends, and the University of Texas, among others. As Chris’ fiancée and biggest supporter, I apologize for the role I played in this unfortunate event.”

She continued … “I realize that my frustration, when breaking his glasses, initiated a physical struggle between Chris and myself. Chris did not strangle me, and I told that to law enforcement that evening.”

As we previously reported, Chris, 49, was arrested in Texas after law enforcement officials charged him with a felony — “assault on family/household member impede breath condition.”

Chris Beard

According to court documents, Trew alleged that she and Beard had been upset at each other for a few days and were having “relationship issues” — and claimed things finally reached a boiling point with Chris slapping reading glasses off Randi’s face and choking her with his arm.

Police said in the docs they observed visible teeth marks and redness on Randi’s right forearm — as well as an abrasion on her right eyebrow and on her leg. They also noted a cut to her left thumb.

“Chris has stated that he was acting in self-defense, and I do not refute that,” Trew’s statement continued. “I do not believe Chris was trying to intentionally harm me in any way. It was never my intent to have him arrested or prosecuted. We appreciate everyone’s support and prayers during this difficult time.”

Chris Beard Randi Trew

Beard posted his $10,000 and was released from custody.

Chris, in his second season as the Longhorns’ coach, remains suspended indefinitely without pay from the program.

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