Carole Baskin Broke Down Crying While Talking About 'Tiger King' in an Interview

Because 2020, Carole Baskin is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars Season 29, where she’s spending her time wearing tiger-print costumes and dancing to tiger-themed music. It’s a whole thing!

Carole obviously became a household name thanks to the immense popularity of Netflix’s Tiger King, and broke down in tears while speaking to pro dance partner Pasha Pashkov about the show.

“I keep it inside,” Carole said. “That is the absolute worst of this.”

As a reminder, some fans are convinced that Carole killed her husband Don Lewis (which she’s firmly denied, and which there’s no actual evidence of!) and his family straight up took out a commercial during the premiere of Dancing with the Stars, asking viewers for tips about Don’s whereabouts. Awk times for Carole, but she told TMZ that it would be “wonderful” if finding Don was a “side benefit” of her being on the show, so.

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