Cardi B Happy She Threw Mic in Vegas, Says Fan Threw Ice On Purpose

Now that she’s cleared of any potential charges, Cardi B is popping her ish over that Vegas mic-throwing incident, and she’s standing by her actions!!!

Cardi popped up on “The Breakfast Club” Friday, and recalled the violent July incident with much detail … but admitted she was initially quiet because she thought the incident would land her in jail!!! 😬

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story, Cardi was cleared in August after the criminal investigation determined there was no reason to charge her.

Cardi recalled the scorching Vegas temperatures playing a factor in her asking the crowd to splash her with water, while also warning them not to hit her face.

After performing several songs Cardi says she was met with a face full of ice and thinks the fan did it on purpose, so she retaliated by throwing the mic like a javelin.

Cardi said she reviewed the footage and claimed she saw the woman intentionally aiming at her face, so she has no regrets about setting it off!!!

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