CA Gov. Newsom Destroys Kid During Basketball Game in China

Screw diplomacy, Gov. Gavin Newsom is playing to win … even if he’s gotta mow down a grade school kid on a basketball court, during what’s supposed to be a diplomatic visit to China!!!

No, it wasn’t intentional, but the Guv really did put a hurting on the tyke while playing a little pickup hoops at a public school in Beijing. It all played out like an ‘SNL’ skit — Newsom showing off by spinning the ball on his finger, and then dribbling and spinning toward the hoop.

Problem is … Newsom tried to put down his best Kobe Bryant-esque move, but ended up stumbling, and crashing right into a kid! They both slammed to the ground, but looks like a “no blood, no foul” situation.

gavin newsome

The Governor gave the kid a few playful slaps on the back, everyone laughed and they got up uninjured.

Newsom’s week-long visit to China included a visit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Luckily, he did NOT challenge him to a game of HORSE.

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