BTS’ Fans Defend Jimin After Wild Rumors Surface About His Sighting at Paris Pub

The ‘Serendipity’ singer was caught playing a game with a girl while getting drunk during his vacation, but some people spread rumors that he snorted coke and left the bar with two women.

AceShowbiz -AMRYs have come to the defense of their idol after BTS’ (a.k.a. Bangtan Boys) Jimin was caught hitting a pub in Paris during his vacation. In a video which has surfaced online, the 23-year-old singer appeared to get drunk and play a finger flick game with a girl at the local pub.

Wild rumors then began to spread that the “Idol” hitmaker snorted coke and left the pub with two women, while some eyewitnesses claimed that Jimin left the bar with a male companion, who was believed to be his manager.

Following the malicious reports about Jimin during his outing in Paris, fans have taken to various online forums to ask people to respect the star’s privacy and stop spreading lies about him. “Now that jimin showed us that he’s really in paris, DO NOT EVER TRY TO FIND HIM. If you ever encounter him there, all you have to do is to close your eyes and pretend you don’t know him,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“I feel sorry for him. and people are crazy: he went to a regular pub with friends = he is clubbing with hot girls and took them home ?? Can people just leave them alone?” another posted. Someone else echoed the sentiment, “he was just playing a game with a fan in a pub while he was drunk and left the bar with his manager. Nothing wrong about it.”

While some people did not like the idea of Jimin of going to a club, others pointed out that it’s just normal for a 20s to hang out at a pub and reminded ARMYs that they’re not entitled to his private life. “… HE IS NOT FOR US. WE ARE FANS AND HE IS THE IDOL. WE. ARE. NOT. THEIR. FRIENDS. OR. THEIR. LOVERS,” one wrote to those critics.

“Grown man on vacation hanging out with friends. Nothing to see here, move along,” another added. Someone else commented, “Apparently it was not a club but a pub. But well who care he was enjoying his best life.”

Big Hit Entertainment has not responded to the fuss about Jimin’s sighting at the pub, but Jimin did confirm that he recently was in Paris during BTS’ break. He shared a video from the capital of France to give his groupmate Jungkook a birthday shout-out on September 1.

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