Britney Spears' Dad Jamie NEVER Went To Rehab – He’s 'Severely Ill' In Hospital With 'Bad Infection'!

Yikes! Britney Spears‘ dad is NOT in good shape!

According to Page Six on Friday, Jamie Spears NEVER went to rehab, as had been previously reported. Instead, he’s been in the hospital for WEEKS! A source claimed the controversial patriarch has been battling a serious health concern, detailing:

“Jamie has been suffering with a bad infection that has required surgery. He has been hospitalized for weeks in a special infectious disease facility.”


A second insider close to the family noted the 71-year-old is “severely ill.” Per a People confidant, Jamie is struggling with a bacterial infection. However, there apparently is good news. As that initial source claimed, the second insider confirmed he is now in an infectious disease outpatient facility and on the mend, per that outlet as well.

Page Six‘s sources also insisted Daily Mail’s previous claims that Jamie is an alcoholic and was in rehab over the summer are fake. So, we suppose he’s not living with Jamie Lynn Spears either?!?! It was just back on Wednesday when DM reported the father of three was apparently living at the Zoey 101 alum’s guest house in Louisiana after leaving treatment in July. He was apparently worrying loved ones as he was “already drinking again.” But that may not be the case?!

It’s unclear where he is currently undergoing treatment. We suppose he could still be near his youngest daughter… Regardless, this is not the first time Jamie has dealt with health challenges this year. In August, TMZ claimed he was hospitalized “several months ago” due to complications with a knee replacement he had done in the mid-2000s. The issue had caused him to lose lots of weight and be in and out of medical care. Back in 2018, he was also rushed to the hospital when his colon ruptured.

Britney has not addressed the health issues yet. Obviously, this sounds like a very serious situation, so we send Jamie and the family well wishes.

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