Brian Laundrie's Sister Details Last Time She Saw Him During Camping Trip

Cassie Laundrie is sticking to her story — namely, that the last time she saw Brian was during a family camping trip after he’d returned to Florida (sans Gabby Petito) … which she says was totally normal.

The guy’s sibling spilled what she maintains she’s known and currently knows to ‘GMA’ Tuesday — saying she last spoke to Brian in person on Sept. 6 … while he and their parents went camping at Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, FL. Cassie says she and her own family dropped in very briefly and then left … not thinking anything was amiss.

She even shared a couple photos she says she took of Brian that day … with him hanging out with her kids (his nephews), and sure enough — he looks cheerful and nonchalant.

Cassie says she was not aware that Gabby had not returned with him at that point, and in hindsight … wishes her bro would’ve come to her first, instead of going to his parents. Speaking of them … Cassie flatly denies knowledge of any involvement on their behalf.

With that said, she does openly wish that IF they do know something or helped him in any way … that they come forward and tell the truth, as she says that would be true justice for Gabby.

Cassie repeats much of what she said during a MOT interview earlier this week, when somebody grilled her with much of the same questions … if not more intensely.

There too, she denies knowing his current whereabouts … and maintained the same camping story, while clarifying she’s been cooperative with law enforcement. The one thing everyone has failed to ask (or broadcast) is … what did Brian say about Gabby during that trip, and where did he say she was while hanging with his fam?

That remains to be seen, but at any rate … Cassie says Brian should give himself up.

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