Brad Pitt & Andra Day apparently exchanged numbers at this year’s Oscars

Brad Pitt hasn’t had an official girlfriend since his thing with Nicole Poturalski, aka Nico Mary, ended last fall. The Nico situation actually blew up in his face in a pretty big way. He thought he was getting a quick PR hit with a “young Angelina Jolie look-alike” on what would have been his fifth wedding anniversary. He took Nico to the Chateau Miraval and his team leaked details to all of the usual suspects, so it was definitely intended as a “hot hookup” story to keep Brad looking desirable and cool. The problem? Nico is married to a much older man and she’s in an open marriage. Plus, she definitely had a whiff of “thirsty Instamodel” about her, all of which led to Brad looking foolish, old and like the kind of gross older man who “shares” a woman with her husband. Team Pitt had to do some quick cleanup on that story and they haven’t bothered to put him with someone else in months. But this new story definitely feels like an impending Girlfriend Rollout! Apparently, Brad is interested in Andra Day.

It’s been a good week for Brad Pitt who was awarded joint custody of his children following a bitter divorce battle with his ex Angelina Jolie. And there could now be a new romance on the cards for the Hollywood heart – throb – after he was said to have swapped numbers with actress and singer Andra Day at the Oscars.

Andra was nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of legendary songstress Billie Holiday in the biopic The United States vs. Billie Holi – day, while Brad presented a gong at the bash.

An insider tells me: “Andra has been on Brad’s radar for a while.”

And she definitely turned Brad’s head at the Oscars, and the various precursor awards, as somebody to watch.

“They were flirting backstage and are believed to have swapped numbers. It could be just professional, but some of Brad’s pals have been talking about what a great couple they would make.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Run Andra! Please don’t do this! Ignore his calls! He’s trying so hard to be the Cool Guy poseur and he would love to have a cool, beautiful, Oscar-nominated woman as his girlfriend. Did y’all know that Andra is 36 years old? I thought she was, like, 27 years old? Anyway, at 36, I would hope that she knows better than to get involved with Brad’s whole mess. Maybe it really was just a professional thing – Brad’s production company, Plan B, is churning out award-winning films and I’m sure Andra would love a part in one of those movies. But just say “no” to becoming the new Nico Mary.

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