Bisexual Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton Shows Off Short Jockey Shorts On Instagram, Jokes About Spray Tan Habit

Jessa Hinton, the Instagram star and openly bisexual former ‘Playboy’ centerfold quips about her love of spray tanning in her newest, revealing post.

Jessa Hinton, a 34-year-old former Playboy Playmate who occupied the magazine’s July 2011, centerfold, has moved through a series occupations —including ringside boxing reporter for ESPN, according to a profile by Windy City Times — before settling where she is now, as a top Instagram model with more than 1 million followers who check her page regularly for her latest, figure-revealing posts.

Hinton’s fans were likely not disappointed by her most recent Instagram snap, in which the self-described “single Mom/soon to be foster mom” appears deeply tanned as she shows off a pair of Calvin Klein women’s jockey shorts, with emphasis on the word “short.” In a caption to the post, Hinton pokes fun at her own love of tanning — the artificial kind.

“On every call sheet: ‘Jessa! Please do not spray tan before the photo shoot.’ Yet I wonder why they always gotta call me out, personally,” the prolific model and former spokesperson for Milwaukee’s Best beer wrote on her Instagram page. In the photo accompanying her joke, which can be seen below on this page, Hinton appears to be glistening wet from an all-too-recent spray tan.

The jockey shorts in the photo are probably appropriate for Hinton who has an affection for traditionally masculine pursuits such as boxing and poker.

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On every call sheet : “Jessa! Please do not spray tan before the photo shoot”. Yet I wonder why they always gotta call me out, personally. ????

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She has served as an interviewer on ESPN broadcasts of both, according to Busted Coverage.

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Happy birthday to the person who has shot me more than anyone else and who is also one of my dearest friends. We’ve had some crazy shoots, plenty of last minute Vegas vacations and Hall and Oats singalongs @ryanastamendiphotography ???? Grateful for them allllll !

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“I enjoy boxing,” she told Windy City Times.

“The guys are really respectful. I haven’t had any problems being taken seriously being a female host. I kind of have a cool job, a lot of people wish they had the job I do, especially a lot of men, so, I’m definitely thankful and grateful for where I am now.”

She added that her forthright bisexuality has never caused her any problems in the boxing community.

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This is called “Mornings with 3 kids in the house”. ☀️

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“Growing up, I dated a couple of girls and didn’t feel I was accepted. No one really gave me a hard time, but I felt they looked as me differently because the choices I made were different from how they chose to live their lives,” she told the paper.

“Now that I have a voice, it’s nice to be able to come out and say that, hey, this is how I was born. I always knew, since I was in junior high that I was bisexual. So, for me to date a man or a woman is my choice, and everyone should have that choice.”

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