Billi Mucklow has tumour removed from neck in terrifying cancer scare

Billi Mucklow has undergone surgery to remove a tumour from her neck after the mass left her unable to breathe or speak.

Surgeons also cut out the former TOWIE star’s thyroid, and Billi, 30, admitted the last five weeks have been ‘scary’.

"For those of you that know, and those of you that’s don’t I have had some major surgery removing a Tumour in my neck that I found some weeks ago due to a visible lump, constantly loosing my voice and breathing restrictions," she revealed on Instagram alongside an image of herself in hospital with a bandage covering the resulting scar.

"After many tests and biopsy only option was to have the lump removed along with my Thyroid," she continued.

Following the major operation, the mother-of-two was forced to endure a two-week wait to see if the tumour was cancerous.

"I’ve been… hoping it’s wasn’t the “C” word and today I got them results and got the all clear," Billi – who has two sons with footballer Andy Carroll – confirmed to her followers.

"It’s been a super worrying time for my family and I can’t thank them and my beautiful friends enough for all the help and care they have shown. Especially my rock Andy Carroll."

Apologising for being out of contact with her clients, the yoga instructor added, "I hope now it’s all makes a little more sense this is the reason for sharing my little journey.

"Looking forward to getting back to work… Looking forward to Christmas with my family and beautiful children that I adore more than anything.

"My new scar now makes me smile, I’m stronger and realise what’s important in my life."

Her followers were quick to share their own stories, with one woman revealing her lump turned out to be cancer.

"I had this 13 years ago, found a little lump side of my neck thought I had swollen glands, went and had a scan and was told I had thyroid cancer stage 1, so they removed both of my glands," she wrote.

"I am on thyroid tablets for the rest of my life, keep strong and stay positive x"

"Get well soon Billi… I had a total thyroidectomy when I was only 19 and can’t say I miss it!" added another.

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