Bethenny Frankel had an allergic reaction to fish and almost died

Bethenny Frankel had to be hospitalized for two days after having an allergic reaction to fish in a soup she was eating. She has a non-shellfish fish allergy, which can be hard to avoid as fish is often a hidden ingredient. She tweeted that emergency services and 911 saved her and that her blood pressure was dangerously low.

— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) December 18, 2018

That’s so scary and I’m glad she’s ok now. Apparently her new boyfriend, Paul Bernon, saved her life. He’s a film producer and real estate developer. Thank goodness he was with her at the time. Bethenny knew that she was allergic to fish as she had an earlier reaction during a trip to Cartagena, Colombia that was aired on the last season of Real Housewives of NY.

I’m not allergic to anything that I know of, but I’m so afraid of something like this happening to me or a loved one that I keep an Epipen in my purse and at home. You hear so many stories about random allergies, even to things people used to not be allergic to. Have you heard about people becoming allergic to red meat after getting bit by a tick? Thank goodness Bethenny had an Epipen and was able to get medical attention right away.

I use the word Epipen like I might write “Kleenex,” but due to price gouging the original Epipen is prohibitively expensive. There’s an alternative generic version called Adrenaclick that is $110 for a two pack at CVS. Here is a link to a legitimate $25 off coupon from the manufacturer. (I got the link from Consumer Reports, it used to be $100 off but that coupon is expired.)

Bethenny promises that she’s going to work to bring Epipens (hopefully their generic equivalent) to schools. Of course she’s responding to an a-hole who is complaining about life saving opiate overdose treatment, Narcan, being free. (It’s only free through community outreach programs or if your insurance covers it, and apparently this was a meme that deplorables were posting. It’s $100 at CVS, even if you don’t have insurance or a prescription.)

— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) December 18, 2018

F-k this person complaining about saving people’s lives like we can only afford to save people from allergies but not overdoses. I hate this disgusting idea that some lives are more valuable and worth saving. It’s a good thing to bring Narcan AND Adrenaclick to communities that could benefit from them. It’s a real commentary on the state of US healthcare that reality stars have to do this type of work instead of it being the standard. Bethenny helped in Puerto Rico after the deadly hurricanes, when the US government failed them too.

I know her tree is tacky but I kind of love it. I used to have one of those 50s silver trees and it was so much fun.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like bubble gum…..

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It’s beginning to look a lot like bubble gum…..

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