Baroness Susan Hussey can’t be racist because she sees Black folks in church

Please don’t allow this Susan Hussey story to go away because it has taken on a life of its own in the British media. I would imagine that Buckingham Palace would love nothing more for the Hussey debacle to be done and forgotten – King Charles and Queen Camilla succeeded in pushing Hussey out after Ngozi Fulani told her story of Hussey’s racist interrogation at a palace reception. The palace lied when they said they had contacted Fulani, but according to insiders, the king and queen’s private secretaries spoke to Hussey directly and she resigned from her position immediately. Surely, this story is over, right? Wrong.

First off, Petronella Wyatt at the Spectator wrote a huffy, racist article “in defense of Susan Hussey,” in which Wyatt came dangerously close to calling Ngozi Fulani “uppity.” Some of the most ridiculous parts:

The walls of the temple then came down on the elderly miscreant. Prince William, who is Lady Susan’s godson, expressed ‘disappointment’ in his long-standing benefactor and elder, and the Palace denounced the incident as ‘unacceptable’. But what is more ‘unacceptable’? To publicly condemn and dismiss an 83-year-old for showing curiosity about someone’s heritage? Or for dispatching a loyal, grey-haired servant with such cruel haste, without even the benefit of a day’s grace? I incline to the latter. But then I am prejudiced, I have known Susan Hussey since I was 18, and if she is a racist, then I am an ornamental fountain.

Her sin, if there was one, was being old. Most pensioners are unfamiliar with the wonders of woke etiquette and its pitfalls. There are new strict rules governing what used to be called ‘making conversation’. In asking Ms Fulani where she ‘really’ came from, Susan Hussey was merely repeating what people like her and my late father used to say.

I can say with authority, however, that Susan Hussey has never knowingly offended anyone in her life. She upholds a clean tradition of honesty and equity. She possesses the milk of human kindness by the quart. This morning a mutual friend told me she is ‘shattered and heartbroken and will never recover.’ The wasteland that is now her life will be far more devastating than any injury done to Ms Fulani, who far from being the sensitive plant she portrays herself as, is currently taking herself on a tour of every television studio in London.

And now we come to the crux of this tragedy. Susan Hussey has no prejudices at all. She spent much of her life married to a man called Marmaduke, who had one leg. She has never sought publicity or the acclaim of the yelling multitudes. She abhors discrimination and once ticked me off for an article I wrote about Italians on the grounds it was both ‘racist’ and ‘unkind’.

Yet it has been suggested that she should not have been ‘allowed out’ at all, and certainly forbidden social intercourse. Poor Susan is not alone in her plight. This whole business, in fact, draws attention to the twilight world now facing the upper crust British pensioner.

[From The Spectator]

A lot of people thought this piece was brilliant satire. It was not. Wyatt truly lamented the sad lot of 80-something aristocrat who is too racist to be in a public-facing role for the British monarchy, which is funded by taxpayers. Not only that, but Susan Hussey can’t be racist because “She spent much of her life married to a man called Marmaduke, who had one leg.” Well, not only that, but apparently Susan Hussey can’t be racist because she sees Black folks at church. I sh-t you not.

The Queen’s former lady- in-waiting accused of racism is a devoted member of a church with a ‘90 per cent black congregation’. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Lady Susan Hussey has long attended St Agnes Church in Kennington, an ethnically diverse area of South London. The congregation at St Agnes has rallied around Lady Susan and dismissed the claim that she is guilty of racial prejudice.

John Vaughan, a regular worshipper, told the MoS: ‘Susan doesn’t have a racist bone in her body. I would absolutely insist on that. Everyone in the congregation, from all ethnic backgrounds, gets on extremely well with her. Watching her have coffee with people after services you see her as she really is – a nice, gentle, friendly woman.’

Mr Vaughan said the speed with which the Palace had ‘dumped’ Lady Susan following her controversial conversation with Ms Fulani was ‘very troubling’. ‘Susan had a lifetime friendship with Queen Elizabeth,’ he added. ‘Then, suddenly, after one conversation that was obviously a mis-understanding, she has been unceremoniously dumped.’

One black female worshipper at St Agnes, who preferred not to be named, said yesterday: ‘She is not a racist person, not in any way. She is a lovely, beautiful lady, and everybody in that church will say the same thing.’ Another source close to the church described the congregation as ‘90 per cent black’ and insisted Lady Susan was ‘not racist’.

The revelations come as friends of the former lady-in-waiting suggested deafness may have played a role in the fateful exchange. ‘Like many people of her age, Lady Susan is rather hard of hearing,’ one told the Daily Mail. ‘It’s likely that her deafness contributed to the problems she had that day.’

[From The Daily Mail]

LMAO. I can’t, y’all. Again, what is the point of all of this? Plenty of racists are not racist 100% of the time. And plenty of seniors are too out-of-touch to have a public-facing role in public relations and diplomacy. Here’s the thing: this just keeps getting worse and worse for Charles and Camilla. They were the ones appointing a mostly deaf racist 83-year-old woman to a public-facing role and they knew it was a roll of the dice. Seriously, it was just a matter of time.

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