Ashley Graham on why she stopped nursing twins: ‘Like, that’s a lot of work’

Ashley Graham is mother to three sons: Isaac, two, and twins Roman and Malachi, one. Ashley shares a lot on Instagram, including changing diapers on dirty store floors and showing her stretchmarks. She’s also shown herself nursing, only there aren’t many of those anymore because Ashley has given that up. When she appeared on The Daily Show, guest host Chelsea Handler praised Ashely for her breastfeeding shots and pumping breast milk for her sons. Ashley corrected Chelsea saying she was finished breastfeeding because with twins, it was just too much.

As a mother of three, Ashley Graham is over people telling moms how to feed their kids.

Though the 35-year-old supermodel has shared multiple breastfeeding photos on Instagram, she doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. During Graham’s recent appearance on The Daily Show, host Chelsea Handler praised her for “normalizing” breastfeeding on social media, saying, “You have your boobs out, you’re constantly pumping, feeding these kids,” before correcting herself and saying, “not pumping.”

However, Graham chimed in, saying, “It’s all of the above.” After welcoming her first child—a baby boy named Isaac—with Justin Ervin in February 2021, Graham thought breastfeeding was the only “right way” to feed her child. That changed after she gave birth to her twins, Roman and Malachi, in January 2022. “I was like, ‘I’m not doing this,’” she said. “‘This is not working here. Both of you want both of these? Like, that’s a lot of work.’ So I stopped breastfeeding when they were five months and I gave them the best formula that I could find in America.”

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I’ve heard nursing twins is never-ending. Once one finishes, the other wants on. I hated breastfeeding my singles so I’m sure I wouldn’t have lasted as long as Ashley did if I’d had two at one time. I respect her for correcting the information on The Daily Show like she did. She’s going to get blowback from this, and she could have let Chelsea praise her and not said anything. Lie by omission, yes, but not as egregious. But she didn’t. Ashley said what I believe and what I am sure some other breastfeeding moms have felt, that it’s hard and exhausting. That is not a universal truth. There are women who love breastfeeding and I love that for them. Breastfeeding is beautiful and I wish that for everyone who does it. Post your shots, sing its praises, keep going – do you! But for anyone about to start this journey, just know that it is not the same for everyone. So do what’s right for you and your baby. Ask your doctor/doula or therapist what you should do, not TikTok or Facebook. And don’t worry if you feel differently about it than others, fed is best.

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