As Kanye West And Ariana Grande Get Into It About His Beef With Drake, Pete Davidson Posted A Disturbing Note

Why did I have a feeling that Kanye West would come for Ariana Grande after she tried it with her song-promoting tweet about “grown men fighting”? Did I really think he would take the high road? Do you imagine me clapping between each word that I type? The answers are: Yes. Nah. And HELL YES!

Yeezy has now brought his special messy-flavored beef over to Ari for attempting to infringe on his war of words with Drake. And he’s using his struggles with mental health to make a point which, ironically, is insane. And that prompted Ariana’s ex Pete Davidson to defend Kanye, and then say that he’s not sure if he’s long for this world. Pete then deleted his entire Instagram. File this under: When a song promo goes terrible, terribly wrong (and dark).

Kanye began his Saturday spending time with his favorite people; his Twitter followers (shame on you for thinking it’d be Kim and the kids). Vulture reports that after Kanye noticed Ariana’s indirect shot at his Twitter war with Drake he cracked his knuckles and redirected his always-on-100 animosity towards Ariana.

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