Armie Hammer Rape Accuser Fires Back At His Attempted Suicide Claims

The woman who accused Armie Hammer of raping her says he’s trying to gain sympathy and manipulate her by now claiming he tried suicide after she spoke out against him.

Effie Angelova took to Instagram Monday and said the actor told her about his attempted suicide before she publicly claimed he raped her in 2021.

Armie broke his silence Saturday about the rape allegations, saying he was hoping to drown or get eaten by a shark in the ocean, but he changed his mind, thinking about his kids.

Hammer has denied her claims and said this was all consensual role-playing and she’s the one who suggested they meet at Starbucks, pretending they were strangers … and then she would go home and leave the door unlocked for him to come in.

Armie Hammer Rape Case Being Sent to D.A., Charges Not Likely

Armie Hammer Rape Case Being Sent to D.A., Charges Not Likely

TMZ broke the story, law enforcement has already decided no criminal charges will be filed, but the LAPD has not turned the case over to the D.A. … it’s been with LAPD for more than a year and a half.

In several IG posts, Effie said she was so worried about Armie and only wanted to take care of him after he told her about his alleged childhood abuse and had disappeared for a couple days.

“Now he claims his ocean story happened after I spoke out publicly,” Effie said.

She added, “It seems so manipulative because he knows his ocean story shut me up last time and evoked sympathy and it’s like now he’s trying it again.”

As we reported, Effie claimed Armie violently raped her for four hours, during which he allegedly slammed her head against a wall and physically abused her in other ways.

In his recent AirMail interview, he conceded that he was “emotionally abusive” to some women, with whom he had BDSM sex.

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