Arizona Graduate Student Writes Master Thesis On Kim Kardashian West

Upon hearing of the thesis on Twitter, Kim Kardashian West requested a copy of the student’s paper.

A Northern Arizona University student gained media attention when he wrote his master thesis on the topic of none other but Kim Kardashian West, according to Paper. Corderro McMurry recently graduated from the university with a masters degree in communication. He works as a television reporter and is primarily focused on entertainment news. It was because of this interest in pop culture entertainment that he chose 38-year-old Kardashian West, one of the most highly talked about celebrities of all time, as the subject of his master thesis case study. The paper examines the influence the social media icon has had on modern news and media trends.

This isn’t the first time that McMurry has written about the Kardashians using the platform of academia, according to Yahoo News. He’s previously written a research paper on Khloe Kardashian’s hit fitness show, Revenge Body entitled, “How a Kardashian changed my life”. The paper was reportedly well received by professors and the media alike. It even caught the attention of E! News who later called his work “iconic.” The paper was also featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.

After completing his master thesis earlier this month, McMurry took to Twitter to share the exciting news of the completion of his degree. “After taking an extra year, 68 pages, long nights & early mornings, I finally graduated with my Master’s degree! #KUWTK #Kimkthesis,” he wrote. He also included a picture of himself standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation featuring the Kardashian star herself. He then tweeted to Kardashian West directly, hoping to make her aware of his work. He encouraged his followers to retweet his post in hopes of getting her attention.

Sure enough, Kardashian West caught wind of McMurry’s unique project and requested a copy of the document herself. She responded to him, writing, “Congrats!!!! Can I get a copy?” The new graduate was happy to oblige. “YES YOU MAY!!!!! Lord!!! I’m SCREAMING,” he responded in all caps. Before long social media users all over the world were asking for their own copy of the manuscript, interested in seeing for themselves how McMurry was able to introduce Kardashian West into the world of academia. “I think we ALL want a copy,” read one comment.

Although it may seem strange to write a course paper on the topic of the Kardashians and expect to be taken seriously, McMurry chose his subject with good reason. With more than 180 million followers between Twitter and Instagram combined, Kardashian West rules the media world, making an appearance in nearly every news cycle.

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