Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" Video Cut One Very Important Homage

Ariana Grande’s instantly iconic video for “thank u next” probably monopolized your brunch conversations, but come Monday, there’s one tidbit you can add at the water cooler. According to Entertainment Tonight, the pop-culture packed video was supposed to be even bigger. Grande released a behind-the-scenes video that showed plenty of footage from the shoot, much of which ended up on the cutting room floor. One scene that got scrapped for time? The equally as iconic scene from Legally Blonde when Elle Woods uses her legal knowledge to get Paulette’s dog back.

The “bend and snap” salon scene did get included in the music video, but few fans of Legally Blonde will forget the courtroom scene with all the legalese that Woods delivers. Other clips from the film were also included, such as Elle Woods’s strut from her convertible and her studying alongside her canine companion.

Jennifer Coolidge, who reprised her role as Paulette for “thank u next,” says that she loves the song’s message and was more than happy to help Grande out.

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“I love Ariana Grande because this is the essence of who she is,” Coolidge explains. “It’s a strong woman’s message that you don’t have to destroy yourself over men! You can date men and when it goes wrong, you benefit from the hardship but you move on… When I was growing up, there weren’t messages like this.”

Hannah Lux Davis, who directed the video, also noted that there were a lot of other movie tributes that had to be cut for time. With so many movies vying for time, it’s no surprise that so many had to get the axe. Mean Girls‘s “make fetch happen” scene and pre-performance lipgloss scene were supposed to be in the final version, but didn’t make it.

“It was the backstage moment before the Santa dance [in Mean Girls],” Davis said. “[Trying to make] ‘Fetch’ happen, but also, the lip gloss — when they’re all with that Victoria’s Secret lip gloss, like, ‘Oh my god.’ It was such an iconic moment!” Davis said in the behind-the-scenes footage. “[Grande] and I were very much on the same page with like, the lip gloss. [But] that one got cut, just because there was no time in that shooting day.” 

More importantly than what got cut is what made it in the end. Kris Jenner’s cameo and Jonathan Bennett reprising his role as Aaron Samuels? Unforgettable.

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