'ANTM' Model Toccara Jones Says The Pope and Drake Both Like Booty Pics

Toccara Jones has no problem with Pope Francis double-tapping a pic of a bootylicious model — allegedly — and thinks all clergy should be free to explore their feelings … like a certain rapper.

The former “America’s Next Top Model” star had a good time with us poking fun at the Pope over his official Instagram account appearing to ‘like’ model Natalia Garibotto‘s racy photo.

Toccara thinks the Supreme Pontiff was liking a lot more than Natalia’s Catholic school-themed attire … she says he was down with the thiccness.

In that way, the popular plus-sized model tells us His Holiness has a lot in common with Drake … who’s also known to go double-tapping on big booties.

Toccara says she’s happy to see the Pope openly liking butt shots, and she’s pushing for more religious leaders to follow suit. After all, we’re all humans with similar attractions and everyone knows it … whether you delete a ‘like’ or not.

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