Anna Wintour Dumped Her Partner Of 20 Years 'Because She Gets Bored'?!

Even after 20 years together, it’s still possible to end up “going in different directions.”

At least that was the case for Anna Wintour and Shelby Bryan! After nearly two decades together, it was widely reported last week the pair had parted ways quietly a few years ago — so quietly no one noticed! But the news is making headlines now, along with some tea!!

In a new tell-all story for the Daily Mail by Jerry Oppenheimer, author of the bestselling biography FRONT ROW: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue’s Editor In Chief, sources close to the legendary fashion editor shared that things came to an end “because she had grown bored again.”


Apparently, Wintour “was the one who ended” things with Bryan. The once spicy-relationship began after the two met at a New York City Ballet gala in late 1997. At the time Wintour had been married for 14 years to Dr. David Shaffer, with whom she shares daughter Bee Shaffer and son Charles Shaffer. According to Oppenheimer, being married didn’t keep her from becoming smitten with the handsome Texas businessman!

Innerestingly this new breakup read to many like history repeating. As a second confidant dished:

“From what I know, Anna dumped Shelby, just like she dumped David – because she just gets bored with relationships, no matter how intimate, just as she gets bored with the length of skirts, or photographers who had served their purpose, or assistants who didn’t act slavish enough, or designers who no longer turn on her fashion juices.”

Damn! We figured she was cold… but maybe not that icy!

Another clued-in insider mused about the split:

“It’s no surprise Anna dumped him. She gets bored with people quickly and I believe that’s why she ended it with Shelby. But there are always two sides to every love story, and the relationship with Anna became strained for Shelby who found it difficult to deal with her driven style and ambition, a woman whose life revolves around Vogue, the world’s fashion Bible that she dominates with an iron hand in a velvet glove.”

Can we just say, though Condé Nast‘s US Artistic Director does keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life, keeping the news of a breakup from getting out in public for YEARS is next-level! Like way beyond Kylie Jenner‘s secret pregnancy… LOLz!

Anyway, this source says ultimately Anna’s career-driven attitude seems to be what tore them apart:

“Anna and Shelby haven’t actually really been together for a number of years, but kept their apparent split low profile, because they were going in different directions. The thing with Shelby is a repeat of what ended it with David – Anna gets bored, and her career takes precedence over all.”

Having her career come first is definitely what got Anna to the top… so is it all that surprising she chose it over love?! Let us know your thoughts, Perezcious readers! Sound off with your take (below) in the comments.

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