Angelina Jolie ‘Will Never Forgive’ Brad Pitt After He’s Awarded Joint Custody of Their Kids

The ‘Eternals’ actress is said to have been ‘bitterly disappointed’ after Judge John Ouderkirk ruled in favor of her estranged husband amid their five-year-long custody battle.

AceShowbizAngelina Jolie is clearly upset with the court’s decision in her five-year-long custody battle with Brad Pitt. Upon learning that Judge John Ouderkirk awarded her estranged husband joint custody over their six children, the “Eternals” actress reportedly “will never forgive” him.

“[Angelina] will never forgive him,” a source spilled to Us Weekly. “[She will use] everything she’s got [to appeal the arrangement]. She maintains it’s far from over and still believes that justice will prevail.”

The source also noted that the 45-year-old mom is “bitterly disappointed” after the judge dismissed her domestic violence allegations against the “World War Z” leading man. “[Her] testimony lacked credibility,” the insider added. “The decision was based on extensive testimonies from people who spent time with the kids and by highly respected professionals.”

Prior to that, Angelina allegedly tried to remove John from the case. In August 2020, she claimed the judge didn’t disclose “ongoing business and professional relationships” with Brad and his legal team. In May this year, she criticized the judge for not letting her kids testify.

“Judge Ouderkirk denied Ms. Jolie a fair trial, improperly excluding her evidence relevant to the children’s health, safety, and welfare, evidence critical to making her case,” Angelina’s legal team stated in the documents filed on May 24.

In March 2021, however, Angelina and Brad’s eldest child Maddox testified against the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actor. “Maddox has already given testimony as [an] adult in the ongoing custody dispute and it wasn’t very flattering toward Brad,” a source told Us Weekly at that time.

“He doesn’t use Pitt as his last name on documents that aren’t legal and instead uses Jolie,” the source continued. “Maddox wants to legally change his last name to Jolie, which Angelina has said she doesn’t support.”

Angelina and Brad were dating for a decade before tying the knot in 2014. However, she filed a divorce from him after just around two years of marriage.

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