Amber Portwood Reveals If She’s Really Quitting ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Postpartum Depression ‘Came Out Of Nowhere’

Amber Portwood said she’s ‘done’ with ‘Teen Mom OG’ in the Season 7 reunion that aired in Dec. 2018. Now, the MTV star let fans know if she really meant those words.

Amber Portwood, 28, was fed up with Teen Mom OG when she taped the show’s Season 7 reunion in Nov. 2018, which aired the next month. “I’m done, I’m done with this show, I f***ing quit, this show is done,” the MTV star had said. Nearly three months later, and the MTV star gave fans an update on her future with the show. In a sit-down interview with E! News on Feb. 11, the hosts asked if she’s still a “Teen Mom.” Rest assured, Amber is. “I am, through and through,” she quickly replied, adding, “I mean I’ve been with this franchise for 10 years now. I just don’t want to see the show go down like that, I want to amp it up a little more.” We love the sauciness!

Amber then unpacked why she felt the need to say goodbye to the series. Her resentment had to due with issues that sprung up from her postpartum depression after having her second child, James, in May 2018. “It seemed like at the time definitely that I wasn’t getting the same attention that I feel like other stars were getting,” Amber explained. She has confessed to suicidal thoughts on the new season of Teen Mom OG, and complained during the reunion that the show allegedly gave her “one week” off for her mental health, while co-star Catelynn Lowell spent nearly six weeks in a treatment center. In this most recent interview, Amber said the postpartum depression “just came out of nowhere” and “it scared the crap out of” her, since she didn’t experience it with her first child, Leah.

But Amber’s letting bygones be bygones. Now, she said she feels “amazing” and has “really changed for the better,” crediting her growth to a psychiatrist, “really good support system” and “great family.” Watch the full interview below!

We’ve told you in Nov. 2018 that “the chances of [Amber] actually leaving are very slim,” as a friend of the reality television star EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife! The friend had pointed out the show is a “significant source of income” for Amber and her cast mates, and that “after reconnecting with the girls at the reunion and talking through her feelings with Dr. Drew [Pinksy], she calmed down and has realized the show brings her more good than harm.”

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