Amanda Owen tells her children to ‘run’ from farm when they grow up

Amanda Owen has admitted that her children should "run" from home when they grow up.

The 47 year old TV star, who appears on the Channel 5 series of Our Yorkshire Farm, has nine children aged between five and 20. She has now said that she hopes that her offspring’s future lies elsewhere than Ravenseat Farm.

Amanda shot to fame on the Channel 5 show, which focusses on the family's life on the Yorkshire-based farm.

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda and her husband have worked hard to keep the property in good shape. They keep a variety of livestock, including chickens, cows and horses, as well as farming land for plant products.

Neither herself or her husband originated from farming families, but both chose to adopt it as a lifestyle.

But, Amanda has admitted she thinks her children should be destined for a different future.

Amanda said of her children in an interview with Times Radio: "I think they all should run, I think they should run and then, a bit like a boomerang, they will all come back. I think that is part of life and at no point have I ever said, 'This is the be-all and end-all.’”

She continued to say: "What they take away from the farm are proper life lessons and they learn empathy, kindness, hard work and common sense and that is a perfect starting point to everyday life wherever you should choose that to be."

Amanda has seen some her oldest children leave the family nest already, her eldest child Raven, 20, has already headed to university whilst Ruben, 17, is starting to look into establishing his own contracting business.

Amanda went on to explain that she thought it was important for her children to have a life outside the farming world. And that she is hopeful that her children will experience different lives before returning to their country origins.

She continued: "I think they should all head out and go and see the wider world and then, quite a few of them I think, will come back.

"For me, if I were going to give them any lesson in life, I would tell them not to put all of their eggs in one basket.

"To have your finger in a lot of pies is a good thing because times are changing and people's thoughts [are changing].

"I would never say, 'You shouldn't farm', as people will always need food on a plate but you also need to be adaptable."

Amanda added: "I believe it would be in their best interests to get out there and experience another life too."

She went on to talk about the experience of dealing with extreme weather conditions and how she had had to go out and walk through feet of snow each morning since.

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda explained: "We've had storms and I've been wading through the snow which was up to my waist over the last few days.

"You do sometimes feel like it's you against the world.

"Yes four days without power isn't ideal but it gives you a new sense of appreciation of the humble lightbulb."

Amanda and her husband Clive have lived and worked at Ravenseat Farm for over 20 years, having first met back in 1996 and then choosing to continue maintaining the property whilst raising a family there.

The couple have explained that they are planning to move to a new property not far from the original farm and are planning to carry out extensive renovations.

“When the opportunity came up and I saw that ‘for sale’ sign go up, it was like a no brainer,” explained Amanda.

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