Alex Rodriguez Posted the Red Porsche He Gave Jennifer Lopez and No One Can Deal

Welp, guess we know what Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did with the various expensive gifts they bought each other during the course of their relationship, ’cause A-Rod is out here posing with the fancy red Porsche he bought J.Lo.

This dude casually hopped on Instagram yesterday to share a photo of himself chilling with his cars (normal stuff), and fans immediately noticed that the red Porsche in the pic is 100 percent identical to the one he gave J.Lo back in 2019.

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Naturally, the comments on this post are doing the most. You should really scroll through for the full experience, but here’s a taste:

As a reminder, A-Rod gave this car to Jennifer for her 50th birthday, surprising her with it while they were in Miami Beach. He posted a whole Instagram video of said surprise (which is still up on his account!), where he says “What do you get someone who already has everything. You have to be creative. We’ve been talking about maybe a car.”

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Plz note that A-Rod’s post comes a few days after a source told Us Weekly that Jennifer is “washing her hands” of him, ahem: “Jennifer is done dealing with Alex. She’s washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. Her management team and her lawyers will be talking to his [team] to tie up any loose ends.”

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