Alec Baldwin Refused Melanie Griffith's Advances on the Set of Working Girl

Believe it or not, Working Girl is mere weeks away from its 30-year anniversary. Yes, everything you know and love about the film — the hair, the shoulder pads, the Melanie Griffith — were all products of the 1988 holiday season. Collect yourself, adjust your scrunchie, and return your attention to this article, because there’s more …

We, the late ‘80s-obsessed people, *nearly* bore witness to what certainly would have been one of the most iconic relationships of the decade.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Griffith revealed that she had “such a crush” on her Working Girl co-star (and on-screen boyfriend) Alec Baldwin, but the then-up-and-coming actor refused her advances!

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“Alec Baldwin is handsome and charming, and I just had such a crush on him,” the Oscar-nominated actress gushed, “But he wouldn’t go there with me. I was like, ‘Oh come on, have a romance with me!’ But no, Alec said, ‘I can’t do this with people I work with.’ He’s a sweetheart.”

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Alec could’ve been Dakota Johnson’s father! (OK, I realize that’s not how that works, but humor me.)

To be fair, Alec’s excuse really doesn’t hold up. He met Kim Basinger on the set of The Marrying Man in 1990 and they got married and had a child, so …

Anyway, Melanie survived. Her Working Girl experience wasn’t completely devoid of flings — she prepped for the role by meeting with an investment banker named Liam Dalton (who used to date Iman, by the way), and they had an “incredible romance” which continued after their working relationship ended.


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