‘AGT’ Recap: 11-Year-Old Violinist Shines But Many Acts Struggle In Quarterfinals

The next round of the quarterfinals featured some stellar performance and some not so great ones. The judges gave some tough love but Tyler Butler-Figueroa, V. Unbeatable, and more wowed on stage.

The first contestant of the night is Charlotte Summers. The youngster performs a stunning rendition of Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever,” a Bond theme song, and gives off major Florence + the Machine vibes with her vocals. Gabrielle Union calls Charlotte an “amazing, unique talent” and Julianne Hough compares her voice to Jessie J. However, she feels like she didn’t see Charlotte’s personality in the song. Simon Cowell adds onto that and says it was a “terrible song choice” but she’s a “great singer.” Charlotte starts crying in front of the judges. They all think she deserves to be here but needs guidance.

Danger act duo Nick and Lindsay return to the AGT stage for another performance. Nick sings Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” while Lindsay tries to throw knives (that are on fire) while blindfolded. Unfortunately, nothing works for these two this time around. Howie Mandel and Simon both hit their red buzzers. Simon says it was the “worst live performance I’ve ever seen.”

Chris Klafford performs a heartfelt original song during the quarterfinals. His voice is so good. He’ll give you goosebumps. “That was unbelievable,” Julianne tells him. While Simon admits Chris’s voice was good, he says he didn’t “feel the emotional connection” with this song. Howie agrees with Simon on the song choice.

Marina Mazepa gives off alien vibes with her insane performances. Honestly, it gets a little weird. Simon even presses his red buzzer. He says he hated the music and calls the performance “boring.” However, Gabrielle and Julianne are all for Marina. “You are so weird and I love weird,” Julianne raves.

Robert Finley is next and he croons his way into our hearts once again. He’s right at home on stage and has so much fun with his performance. Howie notes that he’s not sure if his song will connect with voters, but Julianne disagrees. “You’re exactly what America needs right now,” she says. Simon agrees and calls Robert’s performance “bloody fantastic.”

The Sentimentalists take the stage but their performance falls short of expectations and goes on way too long. “It was a total mess from start to finish,” Simon tells them. Comedian Ryan Niemiller follows The Sentimentalists with an incredible and hilarious standup act. “You need to be in the finals,” Howie declares. Julianne adds, “You were born to be on the stage.”

Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer V. Unbeatable wows the judges and audience with their insane act. The dancing is spot on and their stunts are out of this world. One kid goes through a hula hoop while flying through the air! “The creativity is incredible,” Simon raves, before giving them a standing ovation. Julianne says it was the “best performance of the night” and Howie goes so far as to say it was “by far the best performance I have ever witnessed.”

Howie’s Golden Buzzer Joseph Allen hits the stage next. He performs a new original song that’s dedicated to his mom. Gabrielle loves how Joseph puts his heart on the stage. However, Simon didn’t care much for the performance and calls the background graphics “horrendous.”

The Light Balance Kids, Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer pick, perform after Joseph. Their performance is quite the spectacle and features both Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and the Jonas Brothers hit “Sucker.” Julianne raves the performance was “unbelievable” but Simon doesn’t think it had the “wow factor” like last time. “I’m disappointed,” he says. Howie says the complete opposite. He loved it.

One of the most highly-anticipated performances of the night is violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Simon’s Golden Buzzer pick. The youngest stuns the stage with his performance to Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child.” He’s absolutely captivating. Simon can’t say enough good things about Tyler. He wants a famous DJ to come on this show and make a killer record with Tyler.

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