90 Day Fiance Recap: Ready to Run

Last week’s 90 Day Fiance episode set things up for this week, where multiple couples are ready to call off the wedding.

Kalani has cold feet, Leida wants to give back Eric’s ring, and Jay and Ashley’s wedding is being threatened by violent racists.

Also, Steven Frend may be the most hated dude to ever appear on this series. You’ll see why.

After Eric Rosenbrook’s disappointing apartment and Leida Margaretha’s fight with his daughter, she just wanted to make it work.

They looked at the wedding venue.

(Point of order: there is evidence that the two married in Jakarta, Indonesia, but that may have been after this was filmed)

Leida is dissatisfied. She says that the venue is too small because the budget is too small.

She says that her family cannot attend because they’ll just disparage Eric the whole time.

Eric agrees to increase the budget for the flowers to make it look nicer, at least.

They then go furniture shopping to get a bed for Leida’s 5-year-old son, but Eric can’t afford the one Leida wants.

Remember how fans commented that Eric seemed spineless when Leida confronted and then attempted to banish his daughter, Tasha?

Well, there was a medical miracle — Eric’s spine suddenly regrew when it came to standing up for himself.

Of course, he also made it into a weird ethnic thing.

“You need to get rid of that selfish Indonesian culture background,” Eric tells Leida in frustration.

We cannot claim to be experts on Indonesian culture, but … we’re pretty sure that this is about Leida being from a rich family.

“I don’t want to get married,” Leida finally says.

“I’ll just give the ring back to you,” she tells Eric. “Let’s just end this.”

That sounds smart for everyone involved — but Eric and his daughter are still exchanging barbs online while he defends Leida.

So it appears that the couple worked it out, for better or for worse. 

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Johnson are adjusting to their life together, and Larissa just isn’t loving Vegas yet.

“We don’t have enough privacy because we live with Debbie,” Larissa laments.

That’s fair … up until she makes a very strange comparison.

“Debbie is like a cat,” Larissa says. “She disappears but she appears when it’s time to make your life hell.”

We have serious questions about what sorts of cats Larissa has experienced.

The thing is that Coltee, as Larissa calls him, is a little reluctant to abandon his mother.

He has lived with her for 33 years.

That kind of separation is difficult, especially when you have routines and shared pets.

“You can’t make me choose between you and my mother. It’s not fair,” Colt laments to Larissa.

Colt insists: “I would never ask you to make that choice.”

Larissa did leave multiple children behind in Brazil, though it sounds like she plans to bring at least one of them to Vegas with her eventually.

Though the fact that they’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment shows that she’s not planning on that any time soon.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s story took a very unpleasant turn.

They’d been arguing in past episodes, dealing with questions of Jay’s fidelity and loneliness and Ashley’s insecurity.

This is worse.

Remember when Ashley confessed that she was worried that people in her eighty-percent-white community might not like her interracial marriage?

Well, they and their wedding venue have received a lot of racist threats, with people online writing that they’re going to shoot up the wedding.

The vast majority of threats like that are just intended to ruin someone’s day.

But it only takes one person with the intent and the follow-through to turn a threat into a hateful act of terrorism.

Jay is tired and scared and wants to go back to Jamaica. We … can’t blame him, really.

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata’s issues became apparent when Kalani balked at wedding dress shopping because she’s unsure that she wants to do it.

“I still have serious doubts about getting married,” Kalani confesses.

Kalani explains: “I feel like, ‘Why am I looking for a dress to marry someone that I don’t even know if I want to marry?'”

Then the two got into a fight at lunch with Kalani’s sister.

See, Asuelu’s brother had given Kalani a sexually charged compliment, and Asuelu didn’t understand why Kalani didn’t accept it.

Sometimes it can be challenging to parse the difference between cultural differences and a guy being a creep.

Asuelu knows that things aren’t going well, and confesses that he’s afraid that Kalani will send him back to Samoa.

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores faced their own set of challenges.

Fernanda didn’t feel, uh, the warmest welcome when meeting his family.

It’s not her fault that she’s a teenager, but it’s awkward. (She really hit it off with his sister, though)

Jon’s mom surprised her by helping her shop for a wedding dress, however.

“I decided that if you are going to be a part of our family, I should be here to support you,” Mrs. Rivera explained.

Still, his mom was weirded out — maybe beyond justification. Fernanda’s young, but she’s not a child bride, and Jon’s “only” 13 years older.

When Fernanda broke down crying about her own mom not being able to be there, Jon’s mom’s nurturing instincts kicked in.

Kind of weird that the women in Jon’s orbit keep comforting his bride-to-be while she cries, but reality TV is like that sometimes.

Steven Frend and and Olga Koshimbetova are still in Russia.

Olga is still recovering. In the mean time, Steven runs basic dad errands in a foreign country.

When he returns, he acts like he wants Olga to throw him a parade, as if she’s spent the day freebasing instead of caring for their child.

Steven then berates her while she’s trying to breastfeed, because he’s the absolute worst.

He’s complaining that Olga seems to only care “about the baby,” as if that’s a bad thing.

Steven becomes even more irate after both Olga and the baby start crying, so he leaves, shouting “I have to go clear my head!”

Later, he berates her again, and Olga apologizes, but in her interview, she seems to realize that Steven needs to work on himself.

Run, Olga. Run.

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