Watch Rihanna's Holiday Gift to You: Tiffany Pollard Explaining Makeup

The Fenty Beauty holiday gift guide has given us all a gift that was so unexpected, yet so welcomed and appreciated: Tiffany Pollard, aka the original HBIC, aka New York, the star of mid-aughts VH1 reality gold series Flavor of Love and I Love New York and eternal queen of reaction .GIFs, hosted the official gift guide video for Rihanna's highly coveted beauty products.

What exactly does one get for the HBIC who has everything? Well, Pollard recommends the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation (for those moments when you want to convince everyone that you look like Beyoncé, not Luther Vandross), the Killawatt Foil Palette for a fool proof cuffing season, and Stunna Lip Paint for all occasions (the Uncensored color is especially useful for fighting "the b—h that spit on you"). "Fenty Beauty has left no stone unf–king turned," she says in the gift guide video, before remarking that the beauty brand has really thought every possible feature anyone could ask for in a beauty product present, including cleverly placed mirrors, appropriate colors for various skin tones, and sleek packaging.

Though she may be the self-proclaimed HBIC, Pollard has always been a reality star who is gracious to her fans (case in point: when she visited THNK1994, a Brooklyn museum dedicated to pop culture that held an entire art exhibit involving Tiffany Pollard nostalgia pieces, and celebrated with champagne and cake).

We no longer have The Oprah Winfrey Show to tune into every afternoon for Oprah's Favorite Things, but we do have New York's brilliantly timed presentation of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty holiday gift guide. Employing a reality television icon like New York proves that of course Rihanna knows exactly what her loyal fans and followers want when it comes to makeup for the holidays.

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