Stylist proves how important hair heat protectors are using clever toast trick

A passionate hair stylist claims to have proved just how important it is to use heat protection on your hair, using a piece of toast.

Bethany Honey’s wacky experiment shows that bread won’t toast when it has been sprayed with heat protector, suggesting just how powerful these sprays can be in protecting your hair from heat.

The 27-year-old’s makeshift science experiment saw her cover half a piece of white bread with the hair product before toasting it to reveal the treated side is unaffected by the heat.

The footage shows her pressing on the bread’s still-white side to prove it remains soft, whereas the other un-sprayed side is left brown and crisp.

‘I’ve been doing hair styling videos because I can’t work at the salon in lockdown and I remembered something from my apprenticeship,’ says Bethany, who’s from Lancashire.

‘My boss used to put heat protector on one of my hands and then explain to people that on one hand you wouldn’t feel burning but on the other hand, without it, you would.

‘I thought I’d try it with bread and it might not burn the toast. I had one go before videoing it and my boyfriend was asking me why I’m wasting his bread.’

But when Bethany’s boyfriend saw the results, he was stunned. So Bethany decided to share her experiment on social media, and the reaction has been huge.

‘It just shows the importance of heat protector so the heat doesn’t damage or burn people’s hair,’ Bethany explains.

‘I’ve been doing hair since I was 14 and I’m very passionate about hair products, so I’ve looked into the science of it. I know that some products really do work.

‘It might not look like [heat protector] is doing a lot, but the video proves that it is. It’s definitely worth spending money on it.’

Thanks to Covid, Bethany has shifted the focus of her business from styling hair to selling products on her social media platforms.

She’s even had a call from her sales representative to thank her for the amount of Neal and Wolf Guard Heat Protection Spray they’ve sold because of her video.

‘The owner of the product rang my rep and told him he couldn’t believe how many orders they’ve had in. I’ve sold 35 of the heat protectors since the video,’ says Bethany.

‘A lot of other hairdressers have shared it and they’ve said they’re selling out of heat protector too.’

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