Neil Patrick Harris Shows Off His Lean Physique in New Shirtless Vacation Photo

Neil Patrick Harris knows that on vacation, the same rule applies as the rest of your life: pics or it didn’t happen. The 38-year-old actor just shared a photo of himself looking lean and toned in his swimming shorts while swimming with his family during their summer trip to Croatia.

The How I Met Your Mother and A Series of Unfortunate Events star has been known for his skinny frame ever since his Doogie Howser, M.D. days, and even joked in the Instagram caption: “165 pounds soaking wet.”

Harris is clearly feeling his oats when it comes to his personal fitness—last month he kicked off his vacation by posing shirtless and sharing his “#summerbody” before setting off to the Hamptons. Among the equipment was visible in his home gym was the Tonal, an AI-enhanced resistance training machine which enables the user to lift up to 200 pounds in digital “weights.

In addition to his workouts, though, Harris has the benefit of great nutrition at home. His husband, David Burtka, is a professional chef, and in a 2019 interview Harris shared that they regularly shop for fresh produce at local farmers’ markets—and that as a family they tend not to eat fast food.

“We have salad bar options at home all the time, and we want our kids to be able to have long-term energy, not just short-term fixes,” he said. “Our kids have never eaten McDonald’s… As you can imagine, living with a chef who is an advocate of not eating prepared foods has a lot to do with that.”

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